206L Main Rotor Blades

Coming Soon: 206L Main Rotor Blades

Current Status

In Flight Test

Design information

The VHA 206L LongRanger main rotor blades use the same composite materials and construction methods as our 206B JetRanger main rotor blades, including fiberglass root and tip blocks, foam core, carbon fiber spar and skin, and stainless steel/nickel abrasion strips. The main difference between the two main blades is an additional 22 inches on the 206L blade. While this sounds like an easy change, it required redesigning the blade twist and other aerodynamic features to accommodate the change in length. As of October 2017, the 206L main blade has gone through three design/flight test iterations, and we believe we're in the final design phase.

206L Main Rotor Blade Features

– Double trim tab
– Efficient NASA RC(4)-10 laminar flow airfoil
– Corrosion resistant composite materials
– Stainless steel and electroformed nickel abrasion strips cover the entire length of the leading edge for erosion and lightning strike protection
– No new equipment needed for installation, tracking or balancing


Length – 210.0 inches from tip to end of grip plate
Chord – 13.0 inches
Thickness – 3.308 inches (at Grip Pads)

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