206/OH-58 Tail Rotor Blades

Speak Softly But Carry a Big Stick

If noise is a concern in your neighborhood, fly neighborly with VHA tail rotor blades. VHA’s composite 206/OH-58 tail rotor blades can lower the overall aircraft noise by up to 40%, according to FAA-approved acoustics testing. The noise reduction comes from a thinner NASA-designed laminar flow airfoil and shaped tip that cut through the air more efficiently than previous designs.

The VHA 206/OH-58 blades also produce more tail rotor authority, especially at higher altitudes, giving your pilot more control when it’s needed most. The more efficient blade also results in greater lift capability, as demonstrated by new IGE/OGE charts in the 206L series Flight Manual Supplements (206B FMS remains unchanged, but the VHA blades allow 206B operators to fly to the existing charts).  A titanium root fitting and stainless steel pitch bearings provide more strength and durability at the root/hub connection.



– FAA STC/PMA certification for most 206/OH-58 models (see model list below)
– Transport Canada, EASA and Brazilian STC’s for 206B3/L series
– 5,000-hr service life (double the life of the OEM blade)
– Additional lift capability for 206L series (see FMS for each model on Documents page)
– Efficient NASA RC(4)-10 laminar flow airfoil
– Composite corrosion-resistant construction: carbon fiber skin, foam core, titanium root fitting
– Electroformed nickel abrasion strip delays erosion effects
– 40% reduction in overall aircraft noise
– 15% reduction in centrifugal force resulting in reduced pedal forces
– No new equipment needed for installation, tracking or balancing
– Stainless steel pitch bearings minimize unscheduled field maintenance occurrences
– Lightning protection mesh
– Tail rotor diameter and chord same as OEM blade
– Weight 10-20 grams lighter than OEM blade
– Thickness .101 in (.26 cm) thinner than OEM blade



Length – 29.9 inches (75.95 cm)
Chord – 5.25 inches (13.34 cm)
Thickness – .55 inches (1.4 cm)


Part Number, Pricing and Warranty Information

The VHA 206/OH-58 tail rotor blade 2062200-301 is available exclusively through Aeronautical Accessories.

An updated 2062200-501 tail rotor blade is available directly from Van Horn Aviation or its distributors.

– Part Number 2062200-101 (two-stripe, retired 2012), -301, -501
– Replaces Bell part number 206-016-201-131, -133, -135, -137
– List price (2062200-501): $10,750 each
– Three-year/1,500 flight-hour warranty against manufacturing and material defects (excludes bearing replacement and damage due to erosion)

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Models Available

VHA composite tail rotor blades are certified for installation on the 206/OH-58 models listed below.

U.S. FAA STC SR02249LA (all part numbers):
– 206B3
– 206L1
– 206L3
– 206L4
– OH-58A+/C Arrow Falcon
– OH-58A+/C Rotorcraft Development
– OH-58A+/C San Joaquin Helicopters

For 2062200-301 only:

Transport Canada STC SH10-22: 206B3, 206L series
EASA STC 10039278: 206B3, 206L series
Brazil STC 2012S09-07: 206B3, 206L series
Japan STC-434: 206B3 only


To download the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC), Approved Model List (AML) Or Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA) for your helicopter model, Please visit our Documents page.


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