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What is the relationship between Van Horn Aviation and Bell Helicopter?

  • While we enjoy a close working relationship with Bell Helicopter, Van Horn Aviation is a separate privately-owned company and is not owned by Bell Helicopter. VHA has signed distribution agreements with Aeronautical Accessories (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bell Helicopter) that allows Aeronautical to exclusively distribute VHA 206/OH-58 tail rotor blades (Part Number 2062200-301 only). These agreements do not affect VHA 206L main rotor blades, 206B3 Version 2 main rotor blades, UH-1 tail rotor blades, or miscellaneous tools and accessories (such as bearings and swaging tools), which can be purchased from distributors or directly from VHA.


Where can I purchase a set of Van Horn Aviation Rotor Blades?

  • For 206B/L/OH-58 tail rotor blades, contact Aeronautical Accessories at 1-800-251-7094 or visit
  • For 206B or 206L main rotor blades, or for UH-1 tail rotor blades, contact VHA directly at 1-480-912-1831 or email, or visit our Distributors page for a list of authorized distributors.

If I have an AB206, can I use VHA tail rotor blades?

  • No. The EASA certification on our tail rotor blades does not extend to the Agusta AB206 model.

My JetRanger is registered in Europe. Can I purchase and install the VHA 206B3 main rotor blades?

  • No. After two years of paying enormous EASA fees and submitting documentation with little progress toward what is supposed to be reciprocal certification, VHA gave up our efforts to obtain EASA certification on the JetRanger main rotor blades. We will not be seeking EASA certification on our 206L LongRanger main rotor blades.


After installing the 206/OH-58 tail rotor blades, the pilot needs to input extreme right pedal on takeoff. Is this normal?

  • NO. Extreme right pedal pressure on takeoff indicates that the tail rotor is rigged incorrectly. Our installation procedures instruct maintenance professionals to subtract a half degree from standard tail rotor rigging procedures and to remove ALL existing counterweight washers, weight attachment bolts and nuts from the rigging when installing our blades. When the blades are rigged correctly, pilots will input neutral or slight right pedal on takeoff.

After installing the 206/OH-58 tail rotor blades, the pilot needs little to no right pedal input on takeoff. Is this normal?

  • Yes, this is normal for VHA 206/OH-58 tail rotor blades.  Our blades are more responsive and require less input. When the blades are rigged correctly, a pilot flying VHA blades doesn’t need to input as much right pedal during takeoff or hover. The different feel can be disconcerting for some pilots at first, but is normal.

Service / Repair

Do VHA 206B main rotor blades (P/N 20631000-101) need to be returned to VHA for overhaul?

  • No. While you can return your blades to VHA for overhaul if that's the most convenient option, we also have approved several rotor blade repair stations around the world who can overhaul your VHA 206B main blades. Visit our Service and Repair page for a list of VHA approved repair stations. Note that the NEW Version 2 206B main rotor blades (P/N 20635000-501) do not have an overhaul requirement.

How do I zero the MRB trim tab?

  • We produce a custom trim tab zeroing tool to assist operators with 206B main blade trim tab tracking. To obtain this custom tool, call VHA at 1-480-483-4202 or email and ask for VHA 206B Trim Tab Zero Degree Indicator (206C31412-13).
    For a "VHA How To: Adjust the Trim Tab" watch the video below for a brief tutorial.


How can I get a VHA Equipped sticker?

  • VHA Equipped Stickers are available for free through our sticker request form. They are also included in the documents package of every set of VHA main or tail rotor blades purchased after January 2017.


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