Spotlight on PJ Helicopters

Based in Red Bluff, California, PJ Helicopters has been providing rotary-wing services since 1971. Its mixed fleet includes Bell JetRangers, LongRangers, Hueys, 214s, and 407s; MD 520Ns and 530Fs; Airbus AS350B3s; and PJH Utility Hawks; . . . Keep Reading

Spotlight on Volcanic Air

In Volcanic Air’s 206B JetRanger, it’s a relatively quick 20-minute flight from the shores of Lake Rotorua to the interior of New Zealand’s only active marine volcano: White Island. On the way, your pilot tells . . . Keep Reading

Sedona Air Tours Adds VHA Mains

Based in the scenic Arizona town that gives the company its name, Sedona Air Tours operates a fleet of four fixed-wing aircraft and five helicopters. After flying VHA tail rotor blades on their 206B3 JetRanger . . . Keep Reading

Dillon Aero UH-1

Spotlight on Dillon Aero

Dillon Aero in Scottsdale, Arizona Our customers do some amazing things with helicopters. If those amazing things include suppressing enemy fire or strafing an enemy column with miniguns blazing, chances are that a Dillon Aero . . . Keep Reading