2062200-501 Documents

Below are links to all documents pertaining to VHA 206 series tail rotor blades, part number 2062200-501.

Instructions and Warranty Information

206/OH-58 READ ME FIRST Installation Instructions and Warranty Info

Supplemental Type Certificates

FAA Supplemental Type Certificate STC SR02249LA
Approved Model List
Brazilian Supplemental Type Certificate 2012S09-07
Colombia AEROCIVIL STC Acceptance Letter

Instructions for Continued Airworthiness

VMM-206-501_RevA (applicable to all models listed on AML)

Flight Manual Supplements

Applicable to 206L LongRanger installations only. Choose the FMS matching your 206L model. There are no FMS documents needed for 206B JetRanger installations.

206L1-FMS-901 Rev 2

206L3-FMS-903 Rev 3

206L4-FMS-904 Rev 3


Customer Support Specifications

CSS-500 Rev E WC-6TG-10 and 2062290-3 Bearing Installation