2062200-501 Documents

Below are links to all documents pertaining to VHA 206 series tail rotor blades, part number 2062200-501.

Instructions and Warranty Information

206/OH-58 READ ME FIRST Installation Instructions and Warranty Info

Supplemental Type Certificates

FAA Supplemental Type Certificate STC SR02249LA
Approved Model List
Brazilian Supplemental Type Certificate 2012S09-07

Instructions for Continued Airworthiness

VMM-206-501_RevA (applicable to all models listed on AML)

Flight Manual Supplements

206L1-FMS-901 Rev 2

206L3-FMS-903 Rev 3

206L4-FMS-904 Rev 3


Customer Support Specifications

CSS-500 Rev E WC-6TG-10 and 2062290-3 Bearing Installation