Combined ICA Published for 206 Series TRB

To streamline documentation efforts for our customers and ourselves, Van Horn Aviation petitioned the FAA to allow us to publish one Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA) for our 206 series tail rotor blades (part number 2062200-101/-301). Since this same part number can be installed on 206B, 206L, 206L1, 206L3, 206L4 and certain OH-58 models, the FAA had previously required us to maintain ICAs for each model even though 95 percent of the information remained the same throughout the ICAs. This meant that any change to the ICA had to be replicated in eight ICA manuals.

We received FAA approval to combine the ICAs in January 2021. As of that date, the following ICAs have been combined into one VMM-206-301 document:

  • VMM-206B-301
  • VMM-206L-303
  • VMM-206L1-305
  • VMM-206L3-307
  • VMM-206L4-309
  • VMM-OH58-311 (Arrow Falcon)
  • VMM-OH58-313 (Rotorcraft Dev)
  • VMM-OH58-315 (San Joaquin)

The VMM-206-301 document also includes some additional maintenance items that operators can now address on their own. Operators of 2062200-101 (two-stripe) and -301 (three stripe) tail rotor blades should retire their previous ICAs and download the VMM-206-301 ICA as soon as practical.

Note that the ICA for the 2062200-501 tail rotor blade remains a separate document (VMM-206-501) due to the rotor blade’s updated design.