Bearings Update for 206 Series Tail Rotor Blades

Due to supply chain challenges, we are temporarily out of the Aurora WC-6TG-10 bearings used in the 206 series tail rotor blades. We expect to have them back in stock in first quarter of 2022. 

To continue producing new tail rotor blades and supply replacement bearings to customers, we have been working with Kaman as a secondary supplier of bearings. The Kamatics bearings are more expensive but are expected to last longer than the Aurora bearings. Now FAA approved, the Kamatics bearings (Part Number 2062290-3) will be available starting at the end of October 2021. The Kamatics bearings use a proprietary KAron self-lubricating liner system noted for high performance and low wear rate. 

IMPORTANT! The new Kamatics bearings are stiffer than the Aurora bearings, resulting in slightly higher pedal forces on the ground. For example, the Aurora bearings require about 3 lbs of pedal force on the ground to move the tail rotor blades, while the Kamatics bearings require 9 lbs of force. Once in the air, there are no noticeable changes to the pedal force. Directional control is not affected by the bearing change.

The VHA Customer Service Specification CSS-500 WC-6TG-10 and 2062290-3 Bearing Installation has now been updated to include the Kamatics bearings.