Touching Up Paint on VHA Rotor Blades

Keeping your composite rotor blades painted is crucial to protect carbon fibers from ultraviolet (UV) rays and other sources of damage. Missing or peeling paint can also cause a slight imbalance of the rotor blade, which should be corrected through rebalancing the blade. 

Scratches in the paint may reveal grey surfacing film that resides on top of the carbon fiber. Seeing grey is a good sign that the black carbon skin underneath was protected from whatever scratched through the paint. Conduct a tap test around the area to confirm that no damage occurred to the skin. If the tap test is good, proceed with touching up the paint. 

These scratches in the paint reveal the grey surfacing film underneath. Seeing grey is good. If scratches are deep enough to reveal black carbon fiber, contact VHA for assistance.

Minor paint cracks can be lightly sanded and touched up. Remove the blade and sand with 320 grit or finer sandpaper. Be careful to remove only the clear coat and paint; do NOT sand into the carbon fiber. 

Currently VHA uses DuPont Imron Elite SS Single Stage Color. White paint is DuPont color 786255. Black is DuPont color 99. However, any aerospace quality polyurethane paint may be used. In the past VHA has also used Sherwin Williams aerospace system and PPG products.

For touch-ups, 2-part aerosol spray paint may be used. Matterhorn White 840-103 and Gloss Black Y01955 are recommended.  

Cracks or scratches in the paint that reveal broken black carbon fibers indicate substrate damage that must be repaired prior to repainting. Contact VHA for further information and assistance.