VHA Receives FAA STC for 206L LongRanger Main Blades

Van Horn Aviation has received Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) SR02684LA from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for composite main rotor blades installed on the Bell 206L LongRanger helicopter. Loosely based on VHA’s composite 206B JetRanger main rotor blades, which were certificated in 2016, the new VHA LongRanger main rotor blades have been approved with a 16,000-hour service life, which is four times the life of the current OEM metal blades.

“Our LongRanger main rotor blades reflect several design changes over the JetRanger blades due to inherent differences in the transmission suspension,” said VHA CEO James Van Horn. “Besides being 22 inches longer than the JetRanger blades, the LongRanger blades also use different carbon fiber layup schedules and leading edge / tip weight distribution.”

The VHA LongRanger main rotor blades have a 16,000-hour service life with overhauls (consisting mainly of replacing the root grips) required every 4,000 hours. While VHA 206B JetRanger blades are still exclusively available through Aeronautical Accessories, Van Horn Aviation is selling the 206L LongRanger main rotor blades direct at an introductory price of $55,000 per blade through December 31, 2018.

“Due to increases in manufacturing efficiencies learned through the last two years of building JetRanger blades, we’re able to lower the price of the LongRanger main blades, at least temporarily,” said VHA President Dean Rosenlof. “We anticipate an increase in 2019 prices, so interested operators should reserve their build positions for 2019 now using 2018 prices.”

Operators can order 206L LongRanger blades directly from Van Horn Aviation by calling 1-480-483-4202 or emailing info@vanhornaviation.com.