Van Horn Aviation Establishes Repair Station

VHR Personnel Installing Bearings
VHR Personnel remove bearings from a VHA 206 tail rotor blade.

Van Horn Aviation recently obtained FAA Repair Station Certificate V7JR502Y, establishing its own repair station. The new Van Horn Repair (VHR) is co-located with VHA’s Tempe, Arizona, manufacturing facilities and will specialize on repairing VHA composite rotor blades.

“The repair station certificate allows us to better service our customers by providing in-house repair and replacement of both warrantied and non-warrantied parts,” said VHA president James Van Horn. “Customers now have a choice when it comes to repairing their VHA composite blades.”

Services provided through VHR include:
• Replacing bearings/bushings
• Repairing limited damage to composite skin
• Replacing abrasion strips
• Rebalancing blades
• Repairing voids in blades
• Other structural repairs as approved by an FAA authorized Designated Engineering Representative (DER)

VHA Quality Manager and FAA-authorized Designated Manufacturing Inspection Representative (DMIR) Marie Dwyer will oversee operations at the VHR repair station. “Having an in-house repair station allows the manufacturing side and repair station side to share information, resulting in improved processes and enhanced customer support,” said Dwyer.

Customers can contact Van Horn Repair through its website,, or by calling