In Development

Van Horn Aviation engineers continuously work on new products to meet the needs of the growing rotorcraft industry. We do nearly all engineering, prototyping, testing, and conformity in house while working with the FAA and industry experts to certify the products. It’s a long process, but by keeping most of the control in-house, we can shorten the process with rapid prototyping, computer modeling, component testing, and iterative flight testing during development.

The table below lists products in development and their current status.





Tail Rotor Blade


Hub Assembly


In Flight Test


Prototype tail rotor blades constructed May 2021

Prototype hub assembly completed June 2021

Initial ground runs of hub and blade assembly June 2021

Initial hover and forward flight tests started October 2021, continuing through 2022.

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Estimated FAA STC in 2023

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OH-58 Main Rotor Blade Prototyping Initial design completed; tooling and prototyping in progress as of December 2021. Layup of prototype in 2022.
206B V1

Grip Plates

In Progress Paperwork submitted to the FAA to open the certification project October 2021.

Goal is to increase the service life of the grip plates on the 20631000-101 main rotor blades from 2,800 hours to 4,000 hours.

206 Series TRB -501 Certificated Application submitted for Transport Canada validation November 2021.
Tracking Wedges Approved Submitted to FAA for approval in late 2021. Received approval in mid 2022.

Beginning with select August 2022 deliveries, metal trim tabs will gradually be eliminated on 206B main rotor blades to be replaced with tracking wedges, which will provide a more efficient track and balance experience. Tracking wedges will be similarly rolled out for 206L main rotor blades will in later months.

Tracking wedge kits will be supplied with each set of tabless rotor blades, along with instructions on how to install the wedges. VHA is working on a How To video to demonstrate installation of the wedges. Customers will also be able to retrofit VHA 206B and 206L main rotor blades with the tracking wedges.