In Development

Van Horn Aviation engineers continuously work on new products to meet the needs of the growing rotorcraft industry. We do nearly all engineering, prototyping, testing, and conformity in house while working the FAA and industry experts to certify the products. It’s a long process, but by keeping most of the control in-house, we can shorten the process with rapid prototyping, computer modeling, component testing, and iterative flight testing during development.

The table below lists products currently in development and their current statuses.




Bell 206L

Main Rotor Blade

206L conformed blades constructed

In Flight Testing


Prototype blades constructed as of May 2016.
Instrumented in 4th quarter 2016.
Flight testing started 1st quarter 2017.
Re-design 1 in 2nd quarter 2017.
Flight test 2 in 2nd quarter 2017.
Redesign 2 in 3rd quarter 2017.
Flight testing in Progress – High altitude tests complete.

For more information and updates, see the 206L Main Rotor Blade page.



Tail Rotor


In Progress vha-412-212-tail-rotor-blade-prototype

Preliminary design started by VHA engineers; prototype of composite spar cured and inspected August 2011.
Full-scale prototype completed February 2013 for display at the 2013 HAI Heli-Expo.
Bird Strike test conducted in November 2013.
Test was inconclusive. Waiting on analysis of various bird strike hits.

Phase 2 Design in progress. 

MD 530F

Main Rotor Blade

ON HOLD vha-md530f-hover-test-8x5-at-300

Static pull test completed — pulled to 2 x ultimate (47,000 lbs).
Initial flight test completed with track and balance, hover tests and low-speed forward flight April 2011.
Flight testing continued with redesigned blades on July 2012 in Mesa, AZ.
3rd Generation blade design completed and prototype built for HAI 2013.
In flight testing mode; blades returned to shop in mid-October 2013 for trim tab modifications.
Flight testing resumed mid-November through first week of December 2013.
Flight test program halted due to unavailability of test aircraft.