Shipping Woes For Main Rotor Blades

As of mid-2022, both FedEx and UPS have determined that they will no longer ship our main rotor blades due to the size of the crates. Even though the websites for both of these companies will allow the shipment to be entered (and payment for the shipment made!), when the trucks arrive at our docks, FedEx and UPS drivers refuse to take the blade crates. This causes a great amount of confusion and consternation among all parties involved.

When setting up shipping of main rotor blades, remember to use a shipping broker that handles oversized cargo. Also be sure to insure the shipment. Once the crate leaves our dock, VHA is not liable for damage to the crate or its contents.  

Be sure to keep at least one set of wood shipping crates plus the styrofoam cradles inside the crates in case you need to transport the main rotor blades for repair or inspection.