VHA Announces Airbus H125/AS350 Tail Rotor System

In June 2021, Van Horn Aviation completed the first ground run of its newly-developed tail rotor system for the Airbus Helicopters H125, previously known as the AS350. 

Features of the new system include:

  • Individually-replaceable composite tail rotor blades
  • VHA-designed titanium hub with self-lubricating spherical bearings
  • No aircraft modifications required
VHA engineering and test team after H125/AS 350 tail rotor blade ground run, June 2021

Because the VHA H125/AS 350 tail rotor blades use the same NASA-designed laminar airfoil as our 206 series tail rotor blades, our engineers expect a similar increase in performance—including greater tail rotor authority—and decrease in overall noise signature compared to OEM blades. The VHA tail rotor blades are also expected to provide increased safety during a hydraulics failure. The VHA design is also projected to save Airbus operators thousands of dollars in direct maintenance costs.

Van Horn Aviation is working with Piranha Aerospace Solutions, a membership-based helicopter parts distributor, to launch the product. Flight testing will begin in summer 2021 with FAA certification estimated in 2022.

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June 2021 Ground Run of VHA H125/AS 350 Tail Rotor Blades