VHA Offers Nano Repaint Options

UH-1 Tail rotor blade with NHP paint

If your 206 or UH-1 is down for maintenance, now is the time to consider repainting your tail rotor blades. VHA recently switched to a new nano hybrid polyurethane (NHP) topcoat that provides increased durability, flexibility and corrosion resistance. This topcoat is being used on all new VHA main and tail rotor blades shipped after April 2020.

While VHA has used durable aerospace paint on all of its blades dating back to 2007, environmental conditions can still erode paint, and some conditions erode paint faster than others. It’s important to keep all blade skin surfaces painted to protect the composite materials from moisture and ultraviolet radiation damage.

UH-1 Tail Rotor Blade with Nano topcoat applied.

VHA is now offering nano repaint services on VHA 206 and UH-1 tail rotor blades for $1260 per blade (UH-1) or $1220 per blade (206). The cost includes a receiving inspection, removing the old paint and primer, sanding, repriming, repainting, and applying the nano clear topcoat. 

To schedule the nano repaint service, please call Gobi Kastellic at 480-483-4202 or email info@vanhornaviation.com.