Spotlight on Agricultural Air Services

At its home in sunny South Florida, family-owned Agricultural Air Services has been operating with cutting-edge service for over 25 years.

Founders Brian and Robin Parker believe the Agricultural Air Services’ team is important to their business success and working together reinforces their belief that “Family is the foundation of everything.” Brian and Robin co-own Agricultural Air Services with their son Hunter, who earned his pilot’s license at age 17 and has accumulated 10,000 hours over the past 11 years working for the company.

Operating in 17 states across the U.S., Agricultural Air Services strives to exceed customer expectations with each job. The core of the company is aerial application including forestry application, row crop and mosquito control services.  They also accommodate customers who need assistance with survey work, farms, and wildlife, and specialize in the unique service of alligator egg harvesting.

Agricultural Air Services has a fleet of 206B JetRanger and 206L LongRanger helicopters. They equipped one of their LongRangers with Van Horn Aviation main rotor blades in August of 2019 and have flown 200 hours since the main blades were installed. Pilots Hunter Parker and Joevan Chason noticed the difference from the first flight.

“The performance is night and day compared to the metal blades,” said Hunter. “The aircraft is more responsive with the Van Horn blades installed. What I mean by that is when you pull on the collective, the lift from the blades is right there. With the old metal blades there was a little lag which you could feel with a fully loaded LongRanger.”

The Agricultural Air Services Team is pleased with the performance of the first set of VHA 206L main rotor blades and just installed their second set.

Thank you to all the men and women from Van Horn for their support with keeping us flying safely and efficiently – Agricultural Air Services Team