VHA Updates UH-1 Tail Rotor Blades

VHA recently implemented design changes to its UH-1 tail rotor blade. Designated part number 2042200-103, the new blade features rounded doublers instead of the squared-off doublers used on the 2042200-101 blade. In every other way, the -103 is the same in manufacture, warranty, and performance as the -101 blade.

Approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) under STC No. SR02249LA, the -103 blades are available for purchase directly from VHA or from our UH-1 distributors.

Note:  The -103 blade is not interchangeable with the -101 blade. A full set of either -101 or -103 blades must be installed. New sets of UH-1 blades ordered after October 25, 2017 will be shipped as -103 blades.