Fly Before You Buy Program

Van Horn Aviation composite rotor blades are different by design than OEM metal blades. They may require slightly different installation, track and balance procedures. Different physical and aerodynamic characteristics result in more responsive flight characteristics that may require slight adjustments to a pilot’s normal flight procedures.

These differences are not major, but can be disconcerting for some engineers/technicians and pilots who use OEM procedures and flying habits with VHA blades. That’s why VHA has introduced a “Fly Before You Buy” demo program. This program allows prospective buyers to fly a demo ship outfitted with VHA main and tail rotor blades at our Arizona location. You and your pilot can fly the demo ship in the same flight scenarios as your typical missions. You can feel the increased responsiveness of our blades and ask any questions of our pilots, engineers and crew.

The program features our 206B Version 2 main rotor blades and 206 Series tail rotor blades with the Kamatics bearings.

Demo Availability

— 206B Main Rotor Blades
— 206 Series Tail Rotor Blades

(Not available for 206L main rotor blades or UH-1 Huey tail rotor blades)

Program Details

— Tour of VHA manufacturing facility in Tempe, Arizona USA
— Flight at VHA flight test facility at Falcon Field (KFFZ) in Mesa, Arizona
— Access to VHA pilots, engineers and technicians to provide briefings and answer questions
— Up to 2 hours of flight time (Pilots must have current rotorcraft pilot license with minimum 250 hours plus 10 hours in type to take controls)
— No cost to qualified prospective buyers
— Program attendees responsible for their own transportation, hotel and meals

For More Information or to Register

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