VHA Completes Certification Testing on 206B Main Rotor Blades

VHA 206B Main Rotor Blade top view1At the end of January, VHA engineers shut down the 206B main rotor blade fatigue test for the last time and confirmed that all FAA certification testing for the project was complete. Currently compiling data and preparing all of the necessary documentation, the certification team anticipates submitting the final certification paperwork within the next few weeks.

We are excited about the opportunity to bring a new composite main rotor blade to the 206B market. We’re already working on the 206L main rotor blade program, and the OH-58 main rotor blade will not be too far behind.

For more information on the VHA 206B main rotor blade from a pilot’s perspective, please read Jason Colquhoun’s article, “Evolution of a Rotor Blade” in Vertical Magazine.