VHA Announces Price Increase Effective March 9, 2011

For the first time since placing its products on the market, Van Horn Aviation will be increasing the list prices of its composite tail rotor blades effective March 9, 2011. Current pricing of $9,000 per blade ($18,000 per set) for the 206/OH-58 blades and $11,000 each ($22,000 per set) for the UH-1 blades will remain in effect through the HAI Heli-Expo convention in Orlando, March 6-8.

After the convention ends, list price of the 206/OH-58 tail rotor blades will increase to $9,700 per blade or $19,400 per set. UH-1 tail rotor blades will increase to $11,800 each or $23,600 per set.

To order VHA tail rotor blades at current pricing, please call Trace Worldwide at 1-800-872-2310 before March 9.