UH-1 Huey Tail Rotor Blades

A Stronger, More Efficient Choice


If you’re still flying metal blades, experience the difference new technology can make on your UH-1. VHA’s composite UH-1 tail rotor blades use an advanced cambered airfoil that improves stall margin, increases tail rotor authority and decreases vibration.

The VHA UH-1 tail rotor blade features carbon fiber spar and skins, fiberglass root fittings, and a stainless steel abrasion strip. The all-composite construction results in a lighter but stronger rotor blade that resists both corrosion and impact damage. Although VHA’s UH-1 tail rotor blade is nearly one-inch wider than the OEM blade, no modification to the tail rotor hub is required for installation.



– FAA STC/PMA certification for most UH-1 models (see model list below)
– 2,400-hr service life (double the life of the OEM blade)
– More efficient Boeing VR-7 airfoil (same as used on the CH-47)
– Carbon fiber spar and skin, fiberglass root fittings, foam core, stainless steel bushings
– Replaceable stainless steel abrasion strip
– Lightning protection mesh
– Tail rotor diameter same as OEM blade
– Chord width 9.24 in. (23.5 cm)
– Thickness 1.10 in. (2.8 cm)
– Weighs 0.50 lbs (.23 kg) less than OEM blade



Length – 45.60 inches
Chord – 9.24 inches
Thickness at Grips – 1.74 inches


Part Number, Pricing and Warranty Information

The VHA UH-1 tail rotor blade is available through our VHA distributor network.

– VHA Part Number 2042200-101
– Replaces Bell Part Number 204-011-702-15
– List price $13,200 per blade
– Lifetime warranty against manufacturing and material defects (excludes damage due to erosion)

Military Color Option
Military Color Option

Models Available

VHA composite tail rotor blades are certified for installation on the UH-1 models listed below.

– Arrow Falcon UH-1H
– Garlick UH-1B, UH-1F, UH-1H, UH-1P, TH-1F
– Hagglund UH-1H
– International Helicopters UH-1B
– Northwest UH-1H
– Overseas Aircraft Support UH-1B
– Robinson Air Crane UH-1F, UH-1P, TH-1F
– San Joaquin Helicopters UH-1B
– S.M. & T. UH-1B, UH-1H
– Southwest Florida Aviation UH-1B, UH-1H
– Tamarack UH-1F, UH-1H
– Williams UH-1H


To download the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC), Approved Model List (AML), Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA) or Flight Manual Supplement (FMS) for your UH-1 Model, Please visit our Documents page.


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