206L Main Rotor Blades

Now STC’d in Canada and Brazil

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206L Main Rotor Blade Features

The VHA 206L LongRanger main rotor blades feature rugged construction and composite materials, including fiberglass root and tip blocks, foam core, carbon fiber spar and skin, and Inconel/nickel abrasion strips. The main differences between the 206L and 206B main rotor blades is an additional 22 inches on the 206L blade and design changes to account for the differences in the transmission suspension between the LongRanger and JetRanger (for a complete list of differences, read our blog post here).

As of January 2022, more than 100 sets of our 206L main rotor blades are flying all over the world by single-ship and fleet operators alike. Some operators are reporting speed increases of up to 5 kts (especially when paired with the VHA tail rotor blades), greater fuel efficiency, and ride as smooth or smoother than the OEM blades when flown at speed (above 40 kts). See our Customer Spotlights to read more about what operators are saying about VHA main rotor blades.

– FAA STC/PMA approved (STC SR02684LA) with STC validations from Canada (STC SH18-69), Brazil (STC 2018S11-11) and India (Letter of Type Acceptance for 206L4 only)
– 16,000-hour service life (4x life of the OEM metal blades)
– In-field inspection and plate replacement every 4,000 hours
– Two trim tabs
– Efficient NASA RC(4)-10 laminar flow airfoil
– Corrosion resistant composite materials
– Inconel (nickel-chromium alloy) and electroformed nickel abrasion strips cover the entire length of the leading edge for erosion and lightning strike protection
– No new equipment needed for installation, tracking or balancing


Length – 210.0 inches from tip to end of grip plate
Chord – 13.0 inches
Thickness – 3.308 inches (at Grip Pads)


Part Number and Pricing Information

The VHA 206L LongRanger main rotor blade is available directly from Van Horn Aviation and our distributor network.

List Price:  SOLD OUT for 2022 production; contact Distributors for 2023 pricing

Part number: 20633000-101

Replaces Bell part numbers:  206-015-001-ALL


Warranty Information

Three-year/3,000 flight-hour warranty against manufacturing and material defects (excludes damage due to erosion)


Blade Track and Balance Information

Our VHA 206L main rotor blades are shipped in balanced pairs. However, static and dynamic balance may be performed in the field in accordance with VMM-MR-206L-501 Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (available on our Documents page).  The documents page also contains PDFs of paper charts that can be used to balance VHA 206L main rotor blades.

VHA has also published a supplemental document with balance procedures and best practices.

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