Bearing Field Installation Instructions Posted

In response to customer requests, Van Horn Aviation posted the instructions for field replacement of bearings in its 206/OH-58 tail rotor blades. Operators and their maintenance personnel can download Customer Support Specification CSS-500 WC-6TG-8 Bearing . . . Keep Reading

Van Horn Aviation Establishes Repair Station

Van Horn Aviation recently obtained FAA Repair Station Certificate V7JR502Y, establishing its own repair station. The new Van Horn Repair (VHR) is co-located with VHA’s Tempe, Arizona, manufacturing facilities and will specialize on repairing VHA . . . Keep Reading

New 206 Flight Manual Supplements Posted

Van Horn Aviation recently posted new FAA-approved Flight Manual Supplements (FMS) for the Bell 206L1, 206L3 and 206L4 helicopters on its Documents page. The FMS’s provide new hover performance charts for each model that increase . . . Keep Reading