206 Main Rotor Blade Trim Tabs

The Issue Operators have reported partial debonding of trim tabs on a small number of main rotor blades. Trim tab assemblies on VHA main rotor blades consist of two identical trim tabs that are bonded . . . Keep Reading

Beware of Invoice Fraud

Van Horn Aviation has been the target of several cases of invoice fraud over the past few years, a few of which have impacted our customers. Thankfully, as far as we know, all have been . . . Keep Reading

UH-1 Tail rotor blade with NHP paint

VHA Offers Nano Repaint Options

If your 206 or UH-1 is down for maintenance, now is the time to consider repainting your tail rotor blades. VHA recently switched to a new nano hybrid polyurethane (NHP) topcoat that provides increased durability, . . . Keep Reading