206 Tail Rotor Blade Acoustics Testing

If noise is a concern in your neighborhood, fly neighborly with VHA tail rotor blades!

Our 206B/L and OH-58 composite tail rotor blades can decrease the overall noise signature of the helicopter by up to 41 percent.

As part of the FAA certification for the 206B tail rotor blade, VHA was required to test the helicopter’s overall noise level with the VHA blades installed.

Hear The Difference!

206 Tail Rotor Blade Baseline Acoustics:

VHA 206 Tail Rotor Blade Acoustics:


The acoustic flight tests were performed on March 3, 2009, at the Buttonwillow-Elk Hills Airport in Kern County, Calif.  A 206B fitted with the OEM tail rotor made several passes over calibrated noise measurement equipment to establish baseline noise levels. Flyovers were conducted at a target height of 490 feet AGL, with equal flights northwest-bound and southeast-bound. The tests were then repeated with the VHA tail rotor configuration.

According to data presented in the report published by Acoustical Analysis Associates, Inc., the firm that conducted the acoustics testing in accordance with the FAA approved flight plan, the sound exposure of the 206B fitted with the VHA tail rotor blades was 80.6 decibels compared to the measured OEM decibel level of 82.9 decibels. Due to the non-linear nature of the decibel system, the 2.3 decibel difference results in a 41% decrease in noise level.

The noise level limit specified in 14 CFR Part 36 Appendix J for a maximum takeoff weight of 3200 pounds is 84.6 decibels.

For more information, please review our white paper on the acoustic testing.