20635000-501 Documents

Below are links to all documents pertaining to the VHA 206B Version 2 JetRanger Main Rotor Blades, part number 20635000-501.

Installation and Warranty

Installation “READ ME FIRST” Doc with Warranty Info Blade balancing polar charts: HOVER, 60 MPH, 100 KIAS (Tab Only), 100 MPH (Wedges Only) Trim Tab Adjustment Overview  

Supplemental Type Certification Documents

FAA Supplemental Type Certification (STC) SR02732LA Transport Canada STC Letter for Acceptance of STC SR02732LA Brazil ANAC STC 2020S11-14  

Instructions for Continued Airworthiness

206B Version 2 Main Rotor Blade ICA VMM-MR-206B-503 Rev A  

Service Bulletins and Customer Support Specifications

CSS-501 3M Polyurethane Tape Installation for Abrasion Strip Cracks  

Technical Bulletins

Number Date Applies To Description
20630000-2R1  10/21/22 All VHA 206 Main Rotor Blades Track and Balance Guidance for both tabs and tracking wedges. Includes installation steps and polar charts. Replaces CSS-502.