20633000-101 Documents

Below are links to documents pertaining to VHA 206L LongRanger main rotor blades, part number 20633000-101.

Installation and Warranty

206L Main Rotor Blade READ ME FIRST with Warranty Info  

Supplemental Type Certificates

FAA Supplemental Type Certificate STC SR02684LA
Transport Canada Supplemental Type Certificate STC SH18-69
Brazil ANAC Supplemental Type Certificate STC 2018S11-11
India DGCA Validation for 206L-4 Only
Indonesia DGCA STC Validation


Instructions for Continued Airworthiness

206L Main Rotor Blade ICA VMM-MR-206L-501 Rev D


Blade balancing polar charts

HOVER 55 KIAS 105 KIAS (Tabs Only) 105 KIAS (Wedges Only)


Service Bulletins and Customer Support Specifications

CSS-501 3M Polyurethane Tape Installation for Abrasion Strip Cracks  

Technical Bulletins

Number Date Applies To Description
20630000-2R1  10/21/22 All VHA 206 Main Rotor Blades Track and Balance Guidance for both tabs and tracking wedges. Includes installation steps and polar charts. Replaces CSS-502.