2042200-103 Documents

Below are links to documents pertaining to VHA UH-1 series tail rotor blades, part numbers 2042200-101/-103.

Installation and Warranty

UH-1 READ ME FIRST with Warranty Info

Supplemental Type Certificate Documents

FAA Supplemental Type Certificate STC SR02051LA
Approved Model List – Amended March 2010

Instructions for Continued Airworthiness / Flight Manual Supplements

Find your specific model below.

Model Instructions for Continued Airworthiness Rotorcraft Flight Manual Supplement
Arrow Falcon UH-1H VMM-UH1-302 ICA Rev B 204T-FMS-902 Rev 2
AST UH-1F VMM-UH1-309 ICA Rev B 204T-FMS-909 Rev 2
Rotorcraft Dev. Corp (Garlick) UH-1B VMM-UH1-312 ICA Rev B 204T-FMS-912 Rev 2
Rotorcraft Dev. Corp (Garlick) UH-1H VMM-UH1-301 ICA Rev B 204T-FMS-901 Rev 2
Rotorcraft Dev. Corp (Garlick)
UH-1F, TH-1F, UH-1P
VMM-UH1-308 ICA Rev B 204T-FMS-908 Rev 2
Hagglund UH-1H VMM-UH1-303 ICA Rev B 204T-FMS-903 Rev 2
International Helicopters UH-1B VMM-UH1-317 ICA Rev B 204T-FMS-917 Rev 2
Northwest UH-1H VMM-UH1-304 ICA Rev B 204T-FMS-904 Rev 2
Overseas Aircraft Support UH-1B VMM-UH1-315 ICA Rev B 204T-FMS-915 Rev 2
Robinson Air Crane UH-1F, TH-1F, UH-1P VMM-UH1-311 ICA Rev B 204T-FMS-911 Rev 2
San Joaquin Helicopters UH-1B VMM-UH1-316 ICA Rev B 204T-FMS-916 Rev 2
Richard’s HeavyLift (S.M.&T.) UH-1B VMM-UH1-313 ICA Rev B 204T-FMS-913 Rev 2
Richard’s HeavyLift (S.M.&T.) UH-1H VMM-UH1-305 ICA Rev B 204T-FMS-905 Rev 2
Southwest Florida Aviation UH-1B VMM-UH1-314 ICA Rev B 204T-FMS-914 Rev 2
Southwest Florida Aviation UH-1H VMM-UH1-306 ICA Rev B 204T-FMS-906 Rev 2
Tamarack UH-1F VMM-UH1-310 ICA Rev B 204T-FMS-910 Rev 2
Tamarack UH-1H VMM-UH1-318 ICA Rev B 204T-FMS-918 Rev 2
Overseas Aircraft Support (Williams) UH-1H VMM-UH1-307 ICA Rev B 204T-FMS-907 Rev 2